mot percer

Andrea Marinelli & Tiziana Ghiglioni play words







mot percer

Andrea Marinelli & Tiziana Ghiglioni play words


mot percer is a site specific performance for voices, electronics, theatre and visual art.

we search into the languages directions; we consider the sound, the meaning, the communication rules into the same pot. we pass through the language, through the words tracing, own develops everytimes different.

we integrate into our show some secretion from the opera of Carmelo Bene, Paolo Poli, Mimmo Rotella, Luciano Erba and many others

we take jazz, improvvisation, songs, contemporary music, traditional singing and others beyond



Through the sound of the language


Poetry Theatre Music Song _ same matrix


Word Parola Mot


Tiziana Ghiglioni: voice, author

Andrea Marinelli: voice, electronics, author, visual project


Technical Schedule_

-the performance is site specific so every time's different. We need a relation with the contest, in the acoustic way, in the sociocultural way and others. So we need inspections before organizing the materials.

-we use sound, right sound system needed

-sometimes we use 1, 2 or 3 projections into the ambient with movie, photos or a text edit blank page

-sometimes we use to built site specific sculptures

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